Our Totes are very popular, new styles showing the “Tiare” flower and Monstera, Lauae, Ulu and Hibiscus designs from our Ulu Nui Collection. They rank high on yearly gift lists! Each tote is hand quilted using the best fabrics available. These totes make great gifts and are a great buy!


Small Totes – $27.50
Large Totes – $37.50
Tiare Totes – $37.99
Small Tote – $34.99 (Ulu Nui Collection)
Large Tote – $39.99 (Ulu Nui Collection)
Signature Tote – $39.99 (Ulu Nui Collection)

Tiare Totes

Signature Totes

Large Kenui Totes

Large UNC Totes

Small Kenui Totes

Small UNC Totes